4D premade fans C 0.07 x 11mm

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✓ 384 pre-made fans in a box

✓ Very easy to grab from the strip

✓ Lash fans hold nicely together

New 2021 version!

The new premade fans are easier to grab from the glue strip compared to the previous 4D volume fans. The lash fan can be be picked up with one swift move and dipped into a drop of glue. There will also be no fans falling apart when picking up from the strip due to the gentle stickiness of the tape under the lash extensions.The new version has 384 ready-made fans instead of 288.

Premade fans are hand-made by experienced professionals. Each pre-made volume fan is made up of four 0.07 mm individual lashes attached with a micro-amount of glue which let's them wrap comfortably around the clients natural eyelash. Pre-made fans are also a faster and more convenient way to apply volume lash extensions to your clients lashes. These lash fans are also suitable for a lash tech who has only experience in 1:1 classical lash extensions.

There are 384 ready-made 4D fans in a tray.

Lift the fan carefully from the adhesive tape with tweezers, grabbing from the lower end of the fan. Dip the lower end into a drop of glue and place the fan on clients own lash. One 4D volume fan is enough for one natural lash.

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