Naturally brown eyelashes!

From the sales in recent months, we can see that eyelash artists are more and more experimenting with different looks.

Dark brown lashes, L- and M-curl MIX-trays have become really popular. Many artists are very satisfied with the end result of their experiments and they have asked for dark brown lashes in separate lengths.

Dark brown 0.07mm lashes in different curls are now available in separate lengths. To celebrate this, all brown lashes have a 20% discount in November!

CLASSIC series lashes -30%

The best time of year to refill your lash stock is here. Until October 18, all CLASSIC series lashes have a 30% discount!  

Take the opportunity - such attractive prices will never come again!

Win 500€ for lash training

I hope that the school year started with joy and great curiosity for your loved ones.

To be successful in your field, you need to constantly improve yourself. With our new campaign, we aim to support lash artists' self-development.

In  September we draw 3x 500€ for lash training!

DHL Express next day delivery 7,5€*

In the current low air traffic situation there are many delays in the Standard Shipping Service. We are sorry if your recent shipment has been in the transit longer than expected. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do on our side to improve the service.

On the other hand, the DHL Express service is not affected by the situation at all. It allows you to receive your orders in most of Europe the next working day.
We worked hard to offer you better prices for DHL Express. Now our DHL Express shipping fee depends on the order value:

Europe + US, CA, MX, AUS, NZ / 1-3 business days
Orders between 1-79€: shipping fee 15€
Orders between 80-149€: shipping fee 7,5€  
Orders over 150€: FREE

Rest of the world / 3-5 business days
Orders between 1-79€: shipping fee 19€
Orders between 80-249€: shipping fee 9,9€  
Orders over 250€: FREE

* As most of the orders are between 80 and 149€, the shipping fee 7,5€ has a great value!

We highly recommend selecting DHL Express for your order when possible!

Back on Track SALE ✌

The tough times seem to be passing little by little. On the positive side, we hope this quiet time has given you a chance to spend more time with your loved ones, clear your thoughts and make plans for the future.  

Many lash artists are getting back to work again. As the time has been financially challenging, we want to make a little contribution by cutting our prices.

All products in our online shop are -10%  through June 18th!

So, there's enough time for you to decide when it's the right time get back to work and stock up on lash supplies.
Meanwhile, we have added new lash sizes to our Classic series. The new categories are: C 0,06; M 0,07;  C 0,10; CC 0,01; D 0,01; M 0,01; D 0,12.

There are as many as 32 different curls and thicknesses in CLASSIC series now!

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