Instrumentide ja pindade puhastusvahend Chemisept Spray 250ml, Tools, Masks and desinfection

Instrument and surface disinfectant Chemisept Spray 250ml - No DHL shipping

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Cleaning and disinfecting solution for all alcohol resistant instruments (tweezers, brushes, nail files, manicure and pedicure instruments), surfaces and hands.

Chemisept Spray has an anti-bacterial effect and destroys HIV, HBV, ROTA, tuberculosis bacteria and protects the surface of the instruments thanks to natural oils that prolong the instruments life cycle.

Amount: 250ml spray bottle

PS! This product is easily flammable and it is forbidden to send it by airmail. If you are ordering by DHL, please do not add this product to the cart.

Spray on a surface and let take effect for 30 sec. Then let try or dry the surfaces.

Ethanol 85%, (active ingredient), quaternary ammonium compounds, natural oils.

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