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Lash training draw ticket!

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The world of eyelash extensions is developing fast. To be successful, you constantly need to educate yourself. We are always happy when our products are used by real professionals. This campaign supports development of lash artists and helps three artists to reach a new level in their career.

To participate in the draw, add the product “Lash training draw ticket” to your shopping cart. Also the sum of order needs to be over 30€.

Prize x3
There will be a total of 3 winners and every winner will receive 500€ credit to use for a lash training course with a trainer of their own choice.

The winner of the draw can choose the training for eyelash extensions. Basic training, refresher course, workshop etc. can be selected. The prize credit can also be divided between several trainings.

If the lash training course costs less than 500€, the balance can be used as a Starry gift card. The maximum sum for gift card is 200€. If the lash course costs more than 500€, Starry will pay 500€ and the rest will be paid by the participant of the course. The training prize must be used before 31.03.2021

The winner of the prize will inform Starry representative of the desired training before submitting the training invoice. Starry reserves the right not to pay the training bill if there is any doubt that the selected training is unrelated to the subject of eyelash extensions or there is reason to doubt the trainer's qualifications.

Starry will pay the training fee directly to the trainers bank account referred on the invoice. If the invoice is subject to VAT, the prize money will include VAT (the maximum final amount Starry will pay per winner is 500 €).

The draw
The campaign runs from 01.09 - 30.09.2020. One person can participate in the draw with one order. 

The draw will take place on 01.10.2020 at 12:00 Estonian (GMT+2) time. All order numbers involved in the draw are printed on paper and cut into equal pieces. A Starry representative will draw 3 order numbers from the bowl and each will win 500 € in training money.

Why the 30€ minimum purchase?
The draw is aimed at a person seriously interested in eyelash extensions and who is confident in the desire to educate oneself. We simply want to avoid a situation where the knowledge and skills acquired in the training are not applied.

To enter the draw, the total order must be at least 30€ and the product "I want lash training" must be added to the cart.

Good luck! :)

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