4D Premade Fans

Starry premade fans for eyelash extensions are made for you by experienced lash professionals. Working with the premade lash fans allows you to save time and schedule more customers or have a longer break between treatments. The premade lash fans are also great for lash artists who have experience only in 1:1 lashes so far.

One lash tray contains 384 beautiful premade fans. The 0.07mm thickness lash extensions are attached with a micro-amount of glue and keep the lash fan perfectly shaped. Starry premade fans are super-easy to peel off from the lash strip and there is minimal waste. One premade lash tray is enough for at least two volume lash application procedures.

The 4D premade fans, with four individual lashes attached, is the most popular type of volume lashes. Available in C, CC, D curls.