How MinuRipsmed became Starry

In 2010 we sold the first MinuRipsmed lash tray. We only had a few local customers and no plan of growing out of Estonia. However, the word of our great products started to spread. Our client base grew remarkably in Finland, then Scandinavia. At one point we were selling lashes anywhere from Milan to Los Angeles.

All the positive feedback to our products and enormous amount of orders from all over the world made it clear that we have grown out of our old name.

The new name - STARRY - perfectly reflects what we have become over the years. Our name speaks of shine and sparkle that radiates from each one of us. We live our daily lives, wishing that inner starlight surrounded all of us, so we can be the stars of our lives. That is why our brand is named Starry.

We are very happy with the new design of our products and we keep improving it. The online shop has a new look but you can still log in with your current username and password. We are still located on the same address and have the same phone number. If you have any question, you can email us

And one more thing that didn't change - our great team :)