Speedbonder 15ml

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✓ Cures lash glue instantly

✓ Minimizes allergic reaction from glue fumes

✓ Maximizes lash retention up to 30%

Speedbonder cures lash glue and its fumes instantly, reduces allergic reactions caused by glue fumes and increases lash retention up to 30%. It is safe for a client to sweat and wash lashes 3 minutes after using.

When applied on lash glue, Speedbonder mixes and reacts with the glue. The reaction makes glue cure from inside out and glue bonding points more elastic. Thanks to that, eyelash extensions last longer.

Works with every lash glue. 15ml bottle is enough for 150-200 treatments.

Made in EU and approved by all EU regulations. For professional use only. 2 years shelf life when unopened, after opening use in 6 months. Amount: 15 ml.

Start 2-3 minutes after lashing procedure. Drop a small amount of Speedbonder on a microfiber applicator and spread a really thin layer on glue bonding points. Make sure that glue bonding points remain slightly moistened, not soaking wet. Dry the liquid with a fan. Lash glue cures in 3 minutes with Speedbonder. It is safe to wash the glue fume residue off around the eye area after 3 minutes.

Aqua Sodium Chloride, Ethyl Methacrylate, C160725, Parfum, Penzyl Alcohol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Linalool.

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